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Advantages of Applying for Character Building Programs at Global Sevilla

4 Advantages of Applying for Character Building Programs at Global Sevilla

Early character formation will determine how a person lives in the future. For this reason, Global Sevilla implements various best programs to teach students. Thus, students are not only proficient in academic attention but also have a positive character. Here are the benefits of implementing character building at an international school in Jakarta.

Benefits of Implementing Character Building for Sevilla Global Students

1. Positive Character Affects Good Academic Results

Positive character is one of the essential things that impact good academic grades. This is evidenced by the superior program offered by Global Sevilla as an international school. This school focuses its program on character-building students because it is useful for controlling anxiety, stress and getting the best they need by thinking positively.

2. Students Recognize Character

The character development applied to Global Sevilla is useful for guiding students according to their abilities. The students will know their characteristics, including the strengths, weaknesses, interests, talents, and skills of the various programs offered by this international school. To implement this idea, the teacher also directs and helps students to learn better in academics.

3. Students Have Characteristics of Kindness to Others

As an international school that applies character building as the main focus, several programs are created to apply this idea. All of these programs are useful for shaping students’ positive mental attitudes. In this case, this international school di Jakarta provides programs ranging from Kindergarten for young students, basic programs to secondary level.

Young students with an average age of 2 to 5 years are directed to develop welfare characteristics through fun activities. At the primary level, the focus implemented is on active inquiry-based learning and design for ages 3 to 12. While at the intermediate level, students learn through projects and research-based learning through community service, internships, etc.

4. Understand the Three Important Values ​​of Schools

Implementing character building through daily activities provides benefits for international school students in Jakarta to understand various values. In this case, students can understand the meaning of school values, namely giving, self-control, and compassion. These values ​​are important to be applied in creating positive characters in students of international school di Jakarta.

There is no doubt that Global Sevilla is one of the international schools in Jakarta that uses the best education system. In this case, character-building becomes the main focus of learning. The program can provide beneficial results for students to get good academic scores and a positive attitude. Therefore, this school is the right choice to create students who have better academics and character.